Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni

-a show made of folk, blues and dolce vita-

An amazing duo singing in English, French, Spanish and surely, their own native language, Italian. Their performance is a fascinating travel, across Mexico and Texas, mixing easily blues, folk, Argentinian Tango and Neapolitan songs. They performed all around Europe and in the United States. The sound they give life to is full of different influences, including folk music and blues. They like to connect the tracks they compose with traditional folk, coming from the South of Italy or Eastern Europe as well as from the American music treasures. Original tracks from Francesco’s and Ilaria’s solo albums as well as from her well-known movies soundtracks are among their repertoire.

Francesco’s and Ilaria’s performance together is a very interesting mix of languages, from Italian to English as well as Southern Italy’s dialect, with some influence from Eastern Europe too. The result is a continuous game and role exchange between the soft, warm and fascinating sound of Francesco’s guitar who sometimes seems to be close to catching fire and the evocative voice of Ilaria which could as well be coming from another time and space, hypnotic as it is. To live one of their performance means to go through an experience that can hardly be forgotten and, on the contrary, holds on one’s heart and mind for a long time. And leaves you surprised for its originality and uniqueness.

Line Up:

Ilaria Graziano – vocals, ukulele, tamburello, stomp-box, keyboard
Francesco Forni – vocals, guitar, stomp-box

Booking:MTA ProductionHilda 70 440 85 00
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