Since the very beginning, MTA, or Music Theatre Art, has constantly been on the move, always developing. For nearly 20 years we have promoted concerts, staged theater productions, worked with events, produced tours all over the world, worked with (and at) festivals, as well as creating and running our own.

Curiosity, and a considerable interest in culture and society characterize MTA, where the word culture implies art forms as well as geography. MTA strive for equality, democracy, and diversity. Ever since its inception, MTA has worked actively to represent a gender equal roster, and we can help you to achieve that for your events.

Or vision is to bring the world closer together. Music has no boundaries, and the interest in Swedish music keeps growing. MTA works closely together with Export Music Sweden, Music Finland, Music Norway and Iceland Music, and have booked tours in the Nordic countries for years. Through the project Nordic Highway, we develop the Nordics as our obvious territory and also increase our market share in the rest of the world.

MTA wants to listen to those of you who arrange and promote concerts. We want to learn about your ideas, conditions, and needs. We enjoy trying to find the right acts for you, and your specific project, and maybe even help you find what you didn’t even know that you wanted. Sometimes MTA works as a content agency, commissioned by municipalities, festivals and regional projects.

Our passion and drive is spurred on, and inspired by, the different collaborations with our fantastic acts. We have strengthened our ties with some of these and now work with other aspects of their careers. Through other collaborations and contacts, we can negotiate deals with more artists than those represented on our web page roster.

Apart from concerts open to the public, we also book artists for plenty of private events every year. We have the ability to take an increased responsibility and offer bookings of technical staff as well as other suppliers. We have a unique network of artists, musicians, promoters, and other companies that provide the necessary means to create a successful event. Utilizing that knowledge, MTA have increased their part in curating and programming ideas and content, beyond our own roster.

MTA wants to forge different means of expression into something new and unique. Our latest concert production with Adolphson & Falk was built around artist Greg FitzPatrick’s synth art. It was the foundation for the show’s visuals and gave more depth to the band’s scenic expression during their anniversary tour of 2018/2019. An exhibition was held in conjunction with every show.

MTA is also working with artists and their works. In 2018, we started selling the art of Johan Edlund, the front-man and founding member of Tiamat, one of the major bands of the 90’s.

We create new ways and work within different frameworks for the arts to find a new audience, as well as using the art as a means to deepen the relation between a band and its fans.

MTA’s subsidiary Sally Wiola Music has released music under the banner of ”slow music, handcrafted arts”, where creative expressions plays a major part alongside the organic music – a music which has been recorded without unnecessary overdubs and excessive amounts of takes.

Three artists, with a story to tell with the help of – and about – their respective instruments, are:

Swedish pianist Martin Hederos (Tonbruket, The Soundtrack of Our Lives) with Part One ”Piano Solos”; part two is LISAS acclaimed ”Fiddle and Accordion Conversations” (featuring violinist Lisa Rydberg and accordionist Lisa Långbacka); part three is ”Guitar Stories” by Sofia Karlsson, Mattias Pérez and Daniel Ek.

These releases also involve artists such as jewelry/accessories designer Isabelle Hällsjö, photographer AnnaReet Gillblad, and art director Malva Fürst.

This trilogy of musical, and other, artists will tour during 2020-2022, and will create the concept of a ”Slow Festival”, including other cultural expressions and local food vendors. The philosophy behind the concept is a slow movement idea encompassing music, arts, food, and slowing down the pace of life, in

matters both big and small.