Things have developed quickly for Kolonien.

The band started 2010 when violinist Anna Möller joined the brothers Arvid (vocal,guitar,bass) & Erik Rask (vocal, guitar) and Mischa Grind (vocal, percussion), adding the final voice in Koloniens characteristic four-part vocals.

The first year they where invited to play abroad in Tanzania and Israel/Palestine, where they found inspiration and time to complete their sound, mixing folkmusic with pop- and reggae grooves. Dynamic compositions that enters the twentieth century, but still stays true to the roots.

Through this, Kolonien gained attention from audiences throughout Sweden, and in 2011 they received an award for Best Young Folk Act. 2012 saw the release of their debut album, “Clockwise”, with was followed by an extensive tour throughout Sweden as a few concerts in Croatia and Cyprus.

This established Kolonien as one of the more prominent new acts in the folk music scene today, resulting in them becoming “Newcomer of the Year” at the Folk and World Music Awards in Sweden. In 2015, they released their new album, “Drömmarnas land”.

Kolonien is currently working on their second album.

The band is chosen to play at Folk Alliance, Kansas City, USA in 2018.

Genre: Visionary New Swedish Folk
Territory: Worldwide

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