Skenet is a band consisting of four young and fearless Swedes, who grew up together in the vibrant Nordic folk music scene that provides the roots of their sound. As kids, playing the violin together, they became fast friends, while exploring the language of music. Today, the collaboration – like their friendship – continues to grow.

In Skenet, that violin still creates the melody and voice, but adding drums, electric guitar, bass, and Moog makes for a unique combination of Nordic roots music and electric rock. While some of the melodies date from the 1800s, most are original compositions by siblings Lena and Stafan Jonsson. The themes may be inspired by a rich tradition, but the end result is something entirely new: instrumental, folk rocking, and psychedelic!

Lena Jonsson – violin / Niklas “Nicke” Bertilsson -drums / Johan Mörk – bass /Staffan Jonsson – guitars

Genre: Folk rock
Territory: Global, Europe, USA and Asia

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