Bjäran’s musical paths crossed long before the band was formed. The four members met at a young age through folk music courses, and their musical development began. This shared background has given them a mutual understanding of Northern Swedish folk music traditions, with a particular interest in the vivid harshness and melancholy of the landscape. Those early meetings paved the way for tight musical interaction and right from the frst rehearsal, their sound started taking shape.

Their unique soundscape reaches out to audiences and challenges the listener to see things from a new perspective. The dynamic combination of a broad tonal image and progressive foundation of train-like percussion creates the characteristic sound of Bjäran’s debut album “Ack ve” (2014), which was well-received by both inside and outside the folk music community.

Bjäran second album was released in 2016 and was entitled “Bjäran”

Magdalena Eriksson – fiddle / Christian Cuadra – saxophones / Peter Bonde – guitar/mandola/cittern / Mattias Mårtensson – percussion

Genre: Nordic Folk

Territory: Global, Europe, USA and Asia

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